Heresy of Adnan Ibrahim: Oh Jews you don't need to become muslims

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Heresy of Adnan Ibrahim: Oh Jews you don't need to become muslims
1698 زائر
This is a concise replied to Adnan Ibrahim who claimed that A Jew or Christian doesn't need to become Muslim as long as he believe in Mohammad while keep following his Jewish or Christian religion. This is not the only heresy of Adnan Ibrahim, but has other heretic manifest impudence added to his heresies such as: Claiming that Jews & Christians can attain salvation and enter Paradise simply if they acknowledged Mohammad's prophet, even if they kept following Jewish or Christian religion. His attacks against companions of the prophet calling them (low), or even (Kafir) and dwarf as he said it to the companion Moawiyah. Claiming Abu Hurairah is a antipathetic & heavy blooded person who kept stcking to the prophet's house just to get food. Claiming that Abu Hurairah was narrating lots of his narrations from the Jews. Claiming that Uthman (Third Kalif) was not fit to be the leaders of the Muslims. Claiming that Talhah used to be in love with Aishah & was waiting for the death of the Prophet to marry her. Claiming that the son Omar (second Kalif) was chaser of women during all his life. Appealing on Muslims to change the Quranic system regarding inheritance & that women should inherit equally like men. Claiming that Allah cannot create a the world in a better way than the world is now. Agreeing with Shiah, in fact taking Sunni people gradually to the Shiah doctrine. Agreeing with Darwin's theory 99%.while: Disagreeing with Bukhari & Muslim books which contain in his opinion a lot of fables & lies added by the Jews! Praising Shiah scholars such as Baqer Assadr, while dispraising Sunni scholars such as Ibn Taimiah as well as all Salafi scholars, ridiculing them in most of his lectures. Claiming that Sunni people torture those who love AhlulBeyt (family of the Prophet). Inviting people to get their religious doctrine through Philosophy. Claiming that the ten companions whom the prophet promised to go to Paradise may go to Hell before it as well as those people of the tree (who pledged allegiance under the tree to the prophet). Doubting Aishah's going to Paradise, calling her "look alike man". Denying Mahdi (a future leader whom the prophet prophesied to come). Praising Jahmiyah & Mutazilah & Shiah, while focusing his attacks against Salafi scholars. Claiming that the Prophet's state of Islam was not a religious state but civilian, warning Muslims & Christians from accepting the idea of a religious, Islamic leadership but rather secular, democratic state. Co-ordinating & even plotting behind curtains with Shiah rooms online. Many other issues of misguidence that make that guy a dealer of Satan. Muslims in Hungary should warn all people against him. (Dimashqiah...)
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